vdB 133 and Sh2-106

vdB 133

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Details of Sh2-106 from the Hα-image (full size crop):

Location / Date

Zellerndorf, July and August 2015

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Wynne Corrector
ASA DDM60, no Guiding

Camera / Exposure

FLI ML8300, FLI CFW-2-7 Filter Wheel with Astrodon filters
L 27x10min, R 6x10min, G 16x10min, B 15x10min
Hα 15x20min

Total exposure time: 15h 40min


PixInsight, Fitswork, Photoshop


vdB 133 (van den Bergh) is a reflection nebula, reflecting the light of the double star 44 Cygni. Because 44 Cygni is much whiter than most stars which illuminate reflection nebulae, the color of vdB 133 looks more like the color of the star than the blue of an reflection nebula.

The entire image field is full of HII emission that includes Lynds Bright Nebula (LBN) 210, 219 and 226.

Sh2-106 is a small hourglass-shaped (bipolar) emission nebula and a star formation region. In the center of the nebula is a young and massive star that emits jets of hot gas from its poles, forming the bipolar structure. Dust surrounding the star is also ionized by the star. The nebula spans about 2 light-years across and is estimated to be around 2,000 Lightyears from Earth.

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