Distant Lights


by Thomas Henne


On this pages I present my astronomical images, mainly from Deep-Sky-Objects like
Star Clusters, Nebulae or Galaxies.

These images were taken from my observatory in Zellerndorf, Lower Austria, using different cameras, optics and tracking mounts. In most cases, the exposures were many hours long, even over several nights.

The light captured in these images had been traveling through space for thousands or millions of years, so we see these celestial objects as they existed many many years ago.

From time to time I will release new images, so feel free to visit my site again.

I hope you will enjoy my images on www.distant-lights.at

My imaging setup:

Since April 2013 I use a 10" Newtonian Astrograph, different correctors and a Direct Drive Mount DDM60 from

For image acquisition I use
Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR) from Canon
or CCD-cameras from Finger Lakes Instrumentation and Moravian Instruments.

More details on my equipment page

For best viewing adjust your monitor in contrast and brightness to see all the different grey levels