Sh2-115 and Sh2-116 (Abell 71)

Sh2-115 and Sh2-116

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Location / Date

Zellerndorf, June 2017

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Reducer Corrector (focal length 715mm)
ASA DDM60, no Guiding

Camera / Exposure

FLI ML8300: R 18 x 6min, G 20 x 6min, B 20 x 6min
                      Hα 16 x 30min

Total exposure time: 13h 48min


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Sh2-115 is a faint emission nebula located in the constellation Cygnus.

The small open star cluster in this is known as Berkeley 90.

Sh2-116,also known as Abell 71 is a small, round shaped nebula. Abell 71 has a really weird history. First it was catalogued in 1955 by G.O. Abell as a planetary nebula and then someone decided it was an emission nebula but then people have realised it is actually an old, but true PN.

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