NGC 5367 and CG 12

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Image Credits

Image data courtesy of Chilescope

Image processing by Thomas Henne

Location / Date

Chile, August 2019

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 50cm Astrograph (focal length 1900mm)

Camera / Exposure

FLI Proline 16803

L         25 x 10min
R         11 x 10min
G        10 x 10min
B        12 x 10min

Total exposure time: 9h 40min


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NGC 5367 is a reflection nebula in the southern constellation Centaurus.

With another reflection nebula (GN 13.54.9) it is embedded in the cometary globule CG 12. Cometary globules are interstellar clouds with comet-like morphology, consisting of compact, dusty, and opaque heads and long, faintly luminous tails.

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