Monkey Head Nebula (NGC 2174) in Hubble Color Palette

Monkey Head Nebula

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Location / Date

Zellerndorf, March 2015

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Wynne Corrector
ASA DDM60, no Guiding

Camera / Exposure

Canon EOS 500Da mono
Hα 12nm Astronomik Clip-Filter 14 x 15min ISO1600 (3h 45min)
OIII 12nm Astronomik Clip-Filter 16 x 15min ISO1600 (4h)
SII 12nm Astronomik Clip-Filter 19 x 15min ISO1600 (4h 45min)


Theli, Fitswork, PixInsight, Photoshop

The image is in mapped colors: SII = Red, Hα = Green and OIII = Blue
known as Hubble (HST) Palette


NGC 2174 (also known as Monkey Head Nebula) is an HII emission nebula located in the constellation Orion and is associated with the open star cluster NGC 2175. It is thought to be located about 6,400 light-years away from Earth. The nebula may have formed through hierarchical collapse.

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