LDN 673 & LDN 684

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Location / Date

Zellerndorf, Aug - Sept 2020

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Wynne-Corrector (focal length 910mm)
ASA DDM60, no guiding

Camera / Exposure

Moravian G3-16200, Astrodon filters

4-panel mosaic:
L total 210 x 3min (bin2x2)
R 60 x 3min (bin2x2), G 60 x 3min (bin2x2), B 80 x 3min (bin2x2)

Total exposure time: 20h 30min


PixInsight, Fitswork, Photoshop


LDN 673 (Lynds’ Dark Nebula 673) is a highly fractured and very dense dark cloud complex about 600 light-years from Earth in the constellation Aquila. It is located near the center of the Aquila Rift, a great mass of dark molecular clouds along the summer Milky Way through the constellations Aquila, Serpens, and eastern Ophiuchus. This molecular cloud make the distant stars appear reddish, while the very dense LDN 673 nebula completely blocks the starlight.

In silhouette against the Milky Way’s faint starlight, LDN 673’s dusty molecular clouds likely contain raw material to form hundreds of thousands of stars. Visible indications of energetic outflows associated with young stars include the small red tinted nebulosity RNO 109 (GN 19.18.0) and several Herbig-Haro objects, like HH 32 near the young variable T-Tauri star V1352 (AS 353). These objects are signs of active star formation.

DeHt4 is a faint planetary nebula. It was discovered by Dengl, Hartl and Weinberger by detailed examination of the red and blue POSS plates in 1980. K3-33 (PN G0045.9-01.9) is a small planetary nebula discovered by L. Kohoutek in 1965.

Furthermore two open clusters are a visible in this image: Dolidze 35 and Juchert 1

Juchert 1 was discovered by the amateur astonomer Matthias Juchert (http://www.serifone.de/).
Dolidze 35 is the 35th entry of the Dolidze Catalogue, which contains 47 open clusters compiled by the astronomer V.M. Dolidze in 1961.

Also in this field is a White Dwarf - a super dense stellar remnant cataloged as GD 218 and two uncatalogued faint blue reflection nebulas.

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