IC 410 and the Tadpoles

Cooperation with Frank Sackenheim

IC 410

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The same image without stars at an earlier processing stage

IC 410

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Location / Date

Germany, March 2014

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

TMB 80/600 (focal lenght 520mm), Losmandy G11

Camera / Exposure

SBIG ST8300, Baader Ha, OII and SIII Filter
21 x 20min Ha
18 x 20min OII
12 x 20min SIII
total 17h


Theli, Fitswork, PixInsight, Photoshop, Straton


Image acquisition by Frank Sackenheim
Image processing by me

IC 410 is a faint emission nebula 12.000 light-years away in the constellation Auriga. This narrow band image shows the sulfur emissions in red, hydrogen in green and oxygene in blue.
Left and above of the nebula center there are two remarkable inhabitants of the cosmic pond of gas and dust: the tadpoles of IC 410.

Partly obscured by foreground dust, the nebula itself surrounds NGC 1893, a young galactic cluster of stars that energizes the glowing gas. Composed of denser cooler gas and dust the tadpoles are around 10 light-years long, potentially sites of ongoing star formation. Sculpted by wind and radiation from the cluster stars, their tails trail away from the cluster's central region.

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