IC 1848 - Soul Nebula

Soul Nebula

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Location / Date

Zellerndorf, Sept 2016

Telescope / Mount / Guiding

ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Reducer Corrector (f2.8, focal length 715mm)
ASA DDM60, no Guiding

Camera / Exposure

FLI ML8300
Hα 5nm Astrodon filter 24 x 10min
OIII 3nm Astrodon filter 9 x 20min
SII 3nm Astrodon filter 10 x 20min
total 10h 20min


PixInsight, Fitswork, Photoshop

The image is in mapped colors: SII = Red, Hα = Green and OIII = Blue
known as Hubble (HST) Palette


IC 1848 (Sh2-199 or LBN 672), commonly called the Soul nebula, is a large emission nebula associated with an open cluster of young stars in the constellation Cassiopeia. Several small open clusters are embedded in the nebula.

This nebula is near IC 1805, the Heart nebula, and the two are often mentioned together as the "Heart and Soul Nebulae".

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